Take five is a short video podcast we ran over the Easter period. It focuses on the various stages of Jesus’ journey to the cross, his death and resurrection. The purpose is to help people focus in on part of the story and listen to what God has to say this them through it.

Day one

Pastor Lauryn Velvin takes us through Luke 22:47-62 looking at Jesus betrayal by Judas.

Day two

Miriam Shilston takes us through Luke 22:7-20

Day three

Jeremy Prowse looks at Luke 22:39-46 where Jesus goes up to the garden to pray. In anguish he cries out for another way yet somehow surrenders to God’s will over his own.

Day four

Kieth Bedford examines Luke 22:31-34 and Luke 22:54-62. Here we see Peter deny and disown his master and saviour. How have you responded in these situations?

Day Five

Pastor Anil Kant brings us to John 19:30-32 to reflect on what it has to offer us.

Day six

Elesha Edmonds reads to us from Luke 23:50-56 and shares some awesome thoughts and insights on it.

Day seven

Pastor Glenn Edmonds wraps up take five for us by looking finally at Luke 24:1-10