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Get Involved


There is heaps of incredible stuff that goes on at Hills, have a read on here to discover more, or find one of us at Church to have a chat about what goes on! From crazy car washes, to camps, outrageous youth events, worship and anointed messages… Hills has heaps happening and we’d love for you to be a part of it!


Our Services


Our 8:45am is what we would call a more “Reflective” Service. This service lasts till 10:00am and includes hymns, older and contemporary choruses. Our worship times are content based and carefully programmed – including reflective readings, testimonies, multimedia presentations etc. The teaching is intentionally Biblical and targeted at mature Christians.



Our 10:30am is seen as a “Family” Service. It typically lasts until 12:00 midday, and includes contemporary worship music ( at medium volume) using drums, guitars and keyboard. The worship aims to strike a balance between programmed material and relatively free times of prophecy and spontaneous praise. The teaching is intentionally Biblical and aims to build bridges between life and faith.



Our 6pm service is our evening worship service that lasts until about 7:30pm. The worship is probably what you would deem contemporary with a lot of volume. The style is casual and relaxed with a high level of interaction. Teaching is practical and life-based, rooted in the Bible, but containing a significant and challenging call to commitment. It is also where we hear about opportunities and are inspired to go out and live as Jesus called us to.