• Nerf guns & darts

  • Boxes (lots of boxes!)

  • Balls

  • Fluro vests for teams

  • Lighting (we set-up in the main auditorium and used stage lights to create an atmosphere)


  • Plan your fort out on paper based on what you have

  • Build a fort out of your allotted materials:

    • Cardboard boxes

    • Church pews

    • Sheets

    • 5 minute build time limit


  • Nerf wars using your fort as cover and trying to eliminate the other team

    • Battle Royale style, once you’re out you’re out for the rest of the round

    • 10 min time limit.

  • Dodgeball trying to knock over the other fort

    • Try and knock over the other teams fort

    • Nominate two people as defenders of the fort (they can’t get out but can’t use their hands to defend)

    • Attackers can be hit and got out, once you’re out you’re out

    • 10 min time limit

  • Best fort challenge

    • Build the most unique, fantastic and epic fort you can, points scored on:

      • Heightness

      • Uniqueness

      • Dazzleness

    • 10 min time limit

  • Zombie defence

    • One team plays the Zombies and the other the surviving human race

    • Humans get a couple of minutes to prepare their fort before the onslaught

    • The objective is for the humans to survive for as long as possible with the relentless pursuit of the zombies

    • If human is hit they are out for the rest of the round, if a zombie is hit they have to run to a designated zone and then they can head back to take out more people

    • Time the humans to see how long they would last in a Fortnite zombie apocalypse and then switch teams and repeat.