• Nerf guns & darts

  • Boxes (lots of boxes!)

  • Balls

  • Fluro vests for teams

  • Lighting (we set-up in the main auditorium and used stage lights to create an atmosphere)


  • Plan your fort out on paper based on what you have

  • Build a fort out of your allotted materials:

    • Cardboard boxes

    • Church pews

    • Sheets

    • 5 minute build time limit


  • Nerf wars using your fort as cover and trying to eliminate the other team

    • Battle Royale style, once you’re out you’re out for the rest of the round

    • 10 min time limit.

  • Dodgeball trying to knock over the other fort

    • Try and knock over the other teams fort

    • Nominate two people as defenders of the fort (they can’t get out but can’t use their hands to defend)

    • Attackers can be hit and got out, once you’re out you’re out

    • 10 min time limit

  • Best fort challenge

    • Build the most unique, fantastic and epic fort you can, points scored on:

      • Heightness

      • Uniqueness

      • Dazzleness

    • 10 min time limit

  • Zombie defence

    • One team plays the Zombies and the other the surviving human race

    • Humans get a couple of minutes to prepare their fort before the onslaught

    • The objective is for the humans to survive for as long as possible with the relentless pursuit of the zombies

    • If human is hit they are out for the rest of the round, if a zombie is hit they have to run to a designated zone and then they can head back to take out more people

    • Time the humans to see how long they would last in a Fortnite zombie apocalypse and then switch teams and repeat.

Water Wars


Two people grab a towel and use it to launch a water bomb over the net. If the water bomb is dropped or explodes on your side of the net that’s a point to the other team.

  • Towels

  • Volleyball net

  • Water bombs


Same as battleships but instead of pillows we use water bombs, if one hits you your out, once all water bombs are used up the team with the most people left wins.

  • Water Bombs

  • Barricade


Two people go against each other with a noodle and try to knock each other down while standing on a tarp that’s covered in water and detergent

  • Noodles

  • Tarp

  • Detergent


Same as dodge ball but on slippery tarps, you can’t step off the tarp, if you do you’re out!

  • Tarps

  • Detergent

  • Balls


Played with a balloon filled with water, if you drop the balloon you move back 10 spaces, if it explodes you move back 20 spaces.

  • Water balloon


Line up two teams, each team has a bucket of water at one end, an empty jar at the other end and a sponge to transfer the water from the bucket to the jar, first team to fill the jar wins. Once the sponge reaches the end the person with the sponge runs to the bucket and the whole line moves down cycling through each person.

  • Jar

  • Bucket

  • Sponge