Parakai Pools

We’re heading out to Parakai pools once again! It was epic fun last year that we figured we’d go again. We’ll be transporting everyone from the church building so make sure you’re here on time!

Date: 28 Feb 2020
Drop off: 7pm sharp
Pick up: ~10pm
Location: 179 Hillsborough Road, Hillsborough, Auckland.

This time we are trying something different as well, transport out there will be free but you have to purchase your own ticket for Parakai. Here is a link to groupon where the tickets are currently ~50% off, so definitely worth buying here.

Parakai Pools Groupon

Parakai Pools general prices

We also just need your name and the likelihood of you attending so that we can plan transport!

What is Rad?

Rad is a place for those at intermediate or highschool to hang out, be themselves and have a good time. It usually runs from 7:30pm – 9:30pm on a Friday night every three weeks at Hills Church, offering something different each time. There is an incredible team of passionate leaders who help run the programme, led by Jeremy Prowse, the Youth Director at Hills. Rad is about having good clean fun. There is no tolerance for drugs, alcohol or bullying of any kind, we want this to be a safe place for teens and pre-teens to come and hang.