WHERE: Chosen Valley Christian Camp

WHEN: 22-24 March 2019

Table tennis, volleyball, cricket and ball games, kids’ playground, and a trampoline.

SUPERVISED ACTIVITIES: (we will need volunteers to help run these)
Kayaks, rafts, water slide, archery, trolley carts, BMX track, flying fox, rope maze,
confidence course, team trust course, and balance island

FOOD: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are provided. Camp site will be available from 5:30pm on Friday.
Please bring your own meal on Friday night as food will not be provided that evening.

Total Quote is 15,930 for two nights and all meals for 170 people
This means that the more of us that attend the lower the price will be!

Full Weekend:
For 165 adults - $97 per person
3-4yrs - $55pp
0-2yrs - Free

For 140 adults - $115 per person
3-4yrs - $58pp
0-2yrs - Free

For 120 adults - $133 per person
3-4yrs - $67pp
0-2yrs - Free

** If you choose to bring a tent it would be $15pp less and caravans will be $10pp less.

Day Visitors:
Saturday - $53 per adult including lunch and dinner (not breakfast)
Sunday - $30 per adult including

**Also note that we will be doing some fundraising events! We need your help so if you are keen to help run one or have ideas please contact the office.

Registration Form

What day will you arrive?
If you are volunteering which activity/activities would you like to supervise?

Once Registered please pay deposit of $20 per person by February 24, 2018.

You can pay directly to our account 02-0100-0087764-02 or drop it by the church office.

*After February 25th we will advise you of the final amount owing for each person/family.